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    The credit for that establishment of the Pop Art movement goes to Andy Warhol. This happened the 1960s. Warhol would be a writer, music producer as well as a filmmaker. However, he’s higher quality across the globe for silk screens that showed various celebrities as well as objects of commercial value.

    He produced these screens and prints in his studio, that they referred to as the Factory. Most his prints are incredibly popular, however some turn out more famous and recognized than these. Here are several in the more famous Andy Warhol prints:

    Campbell Soup Cans: This print was manufactured in the entire year 1962 and depicted cans of soup through the famous soup maker Campbell. This screen print is exhibited at Museum of Modern Art located in The big apple. He created this print at the outset of his career and it’s also through this screen he announced himself to the art scene in The big apple. Many people think that the soup cans are associated with Warhol’s childhood, although some contend that Warhol was being sarcastic in regards to the extent of commercialization that’s prevalent in america. He has also made similar prints of Absolut Vodka.

    Marilyn Monroe: He created the portrait of Lana turner in 1964. Perhaps, that is his most famous and popular portrait. He inverted the portrait and after that changed the colour to get a fantastic neon splash, something that had not been done before. Likewise, he caught faces of other celebrities like Elvis, Bette davis and Judy Garland.

    Album Covers: It might be a shock for several, but Warhol designed covers for many music albums for example the covers for your Velvet Underground, Nico, Sticky Fingers and Thank you Live. We were holding done from your late 1960s to the late 1970s.

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