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    The 7.3-liter version of Ford’s legendary Power Stroke diesel engine has a special place in the heart of many truck enthusiasts. From hardworking professionals who rely on the power plant to help them make a living, to those who simply enjoy the experiences it enables, this version of the Power Stroke regularly and rightly attracts a lot of attention.

    On the other hand, there are also ways of making the 7.3 liter Power Stroke into an even more capable engine. Among the many available ford diesel performance parts, for instance, fuel pumps that are designed to work well with this version of the Power Stroke consistently rank as some of the most popular. As
    diesel website who visit Strictly Diesel for details will see, choosing an appropriate pump for an upgrade does not need to be difficult to do, either.

    A Fundamental Trade-Off That Makes for the Best Place to Start

    There are many different, generally suitable fuel pumps on the market, so those who contemplate an upgrade of this kind sometimes start out feeling overwhelmed. In fact, however, understanding a very basic concept is generally all that it takes to make things a lot simpler at one stroke.

    The idea that needs to be comprehended is that there is always a trade-off between performance and reliability when it comes to fuel pumps, as with so many other parts. The pumps that Ford equipped most 7.3 liter Power Strokes with from the factory were almost always designed to emphasize the latter over the former.

    What that means in practice is that those who are willing to give up a bit of possible reliability in favor of improved performance can typically find an appealing balance to strike. As readers who learn more online will see, the options can be broken down into a few general groups.

    Three Basic Choices Narrow the Field Down Further

    In general, this means that most Ford owners will gravitate toward one of three basic types of setup. In order of increasing performance and potentially lessened reliability, these are:

    Dual pumps – Adding a second stock Ford pump to a system can enhance performance without detracting much from reliability.

    Race pumps – Fuel pumps meant for racing tend to build on the basic Ford design, lessening reliability a bit but also boosting output.

    High-pressure pumps – Finally, pumps that are capable of generating especially high-pressure top the performance charts but will normally be more vulnerable to wear and breakdown.


    diesel performance canada who read more about will see, there are many interesting options to explore in each of these categories, too. Doing so can be a great way of making a 7.3 liter Power Stroke an even better fit for its owner’s needs.